Saal Digital Product Review


When I was 15 years old I discovered that photography is what I like to do and what at the beginning was more a passion, a hobby, now became a job I’m very dedicated to.
People always wanted to keep their memories in different forms from basic prints to canvas. Now we have more options to print our memories or our projects.
In all these years I printed my pictures online or at the shops but not always the quality satisfied my expectations.
A month ago when I was scrolling trough my Facebook page I saw an ad about testing a product from Saal Digital UK for FREE. I thought “Sounds too good to be true, maybe is a scam”.
But something said to me that I have nothing to loose. So I clicked the ad and it took me about 5 minutes to place my order and about 7 working days of waiting for the product.
I wanted to print my favorite picture from my last project “The Ballerina Project”. I chose to go for Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish because I never printed on something like that.
I just want to say that Saal Digital UK has a great customer service and they emailed me everything I had to know about my order and I could track my order every day.
So after almost one week I received the order very carefully packed, I opened it and I was so surprised to see the amazing quality of the print. I think I was staring at the print for 5 minutes.
I will recommend this company to everyone because they exceed my expectations!
Thank you so much, Saal Digital UK, I can’t wait for my next order!



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